Breakfast buffet Delicious variations from the region

Our breakfast has a strict focus on quality food. We use high-class, regional, seasonal and – if possible – organic products. The buffet is characterised by loving preparation and full flavour. This way you will get all the energy for a great day.

During the week also visitors who do not stay overnight may enjoy our breakfast buffet: start the day with a wonderful breakfast in maritime atmosphere.

Our breakfast buffet A good start for the day

Our breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of items including variations of the must-haves – lovingly prepared and arranged. Every day we have fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

In addition, you can choose fresh fruit, croissants, yoghurt, Bircher muesli, boiled eggs, cold cuts, and cheese, or just try a little of everything. As Germany is famous for the diversity in bakery product, various sorts of rolls and bread are available.

A lot for a little Our breakfast prices

If you book your stay directly with us, breakfast is only € 16.00. When booking via a different portal or if you spontaneously decide to have breakfast at Hotel Hafen Flensburg, the price is € 19.00.

Breakfast only? Even if you do not stay overnight, you are welcome to enjoy our buffet. Breakfast then is € 19.00.

“The best place to moor!” Flensburg Journal

Our coffee Fair trade organic quality

Our coffee is a blend of Central American and African beans. A long and slow roasting process ensures a well-balanced flavour and fine acidity.

However, the espresso is strong and shows a distinct but pleasant flavour which is based on the blend of Central American beans and expressive Robusta beans from Africa.

Seeberger GREEN Label coffees are fair trade certified and they are produced under fair and environment-compatible conditions. The organic production ensures optimum quality coffee you can just enjoy.

Monday–Friday 06.30–10.30 h
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays – for hotel guests only 07.00–11.00 h

Our teas A cup of vacation

Warm up from the inside and enjoy our wonderful samova organic tea creations which are carefully composed and manufactured according to highest standards in quality and sustainability.

The tea is served in a fine samovar of premium stainless steel. In addition to rooibos, Darjeeling, herbal and fruit tea blends we have many other blends and flavours.

Not only on Banian day* Vegetarian and vegan breakfast

If you wish a vegetarian or vegan breakfast you will get your money's worth. We will always have prepared some delicacies for you.

*Banian day is maritime language for the meatless Thursday.