Massages Relieve tension and enjoy a rest

On our wellness deck various massage treatments are available. Enjoy rest and relaxation for your body, mind and soul. In addition to traditional massages we also offer Ayurvedic massages as well as Hawaiian and Indonesian massage techniques.

Massage treatments can also be booked by external visitors who are not hotel guests. You can make an individual appointment for a treatment. Just call us. We will take care that your body can enjoy a pleasant timeout.

Relaxation in sight Special offers

For centuries, peelings have been used to improve the skin complexion. FLENSBURGER HAFEN PEELING combines sea salt and carefully selected oils. The microdermabrasion process will purify the skin and support the blood circulation resulting in soft silky skin texture. However, the special feature of this peeling is high-class vanilla rum – a great ingredient for a nourishing peeling.

A VITALISING FULL BODY MASSAGE relaxes the muscles and relieves tension – let the flow of fresh energy fill your body. Also, the massage will prevent tension and muscle stiffness.

Regardless of whether you decide to choose one of the treatments or the complete package – you will enjoy delicious tea afterwards to round off your personal timeout.

  • Prices

    • Flensburger Hafen Peeling (30 Min.) € 39.00
    • Vitalising full body massage (50 Min.)€ 69.00
    • Complete package (both treatments incl. herbal tea)€ 99.00

Traditional massages From head to toe

Could you think of anything better? Experience the WHOLE BODY MASSAGE with all your senses and re-charge your “battery”. A whole body massage predominantly serves to prevent and treat tension and muscle stiffness.

A FACE AND HEAD MASSAGE can substantially relieve headaches and contribute to general physical wellbeing. It also has an invigorating effect for the sensitive facial skin which requires particular care.

The traditional FOOT AND LEG MASSAGE is a very soothing and intense massage reducing stasis while stimulating lymph circulation. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and relieves tired and “heavy” legs.

  • Prices for traditional massages

    • Whole body massage (50 min.) € 69.00
    • Back massage (30 min.)€ 39.00
    • Face and head massage (30 min.)€ 39.00
    • Foot and leg massage (30 min.)€ 39.00
    • Full body peeling (30 min.)€ 39.00
    • Full body peeling (incl. skin care after the peeling, 60 min.)€ 79.00

Ayurvedic massages By qualified therapists

MUKABHYANGA is a very soft and soothing oil massage of face and head. Also the upper body, the neck and shoulders are treated, and it is particularly pleasant relieving tension, headaches and even sleep disturbances. It is without doubt one of the most enjoyable Ayurvedic part body treatments.

In a ABHYANGA MASSAGE rhythmic motions ensure that the mind comes to rest, and at the same time tension is relieved. Also, detoxification processes are supported and the immune system is strengthened.

The third Ayurvedic treatment is SHIRODHARA. This beautiful, deeply relaxing treatment involves pouring a continuous stream of warmed herbal oil in circular movements over the forehead which will harmonise the two cerebral hemispheres. The treatment relaxes the mind and supports the ability to focus and concentrate.

  • Prices for Ayurvedic massages

    • Mukabhyanga (30 min.) € 45.00
    • Abhyanga 2-hands (60 min.)€ 79.00
    • Abhyanga 4-hands (60 min.)€ 129.00
    • Abhyanga 2-hands and Shirodhara (90 Min.)€ 119.00
    • Shirodhara (30 min.)€ 49.00
    • Mukabhyanga and Shirodhara (60 min.)€ 89.00

Pantai Luar Indonesian herbal stamp massage

PANTAI LUAR is a special massage technique from Indonesia and it means “off to unknown shores”. For the massage a stamp with herbs is heated to 120 °C and alternately applied to the skin with warm oils.

The aromatic fragrance and the soft rubbing make this type of massage extraordinarily pleasant. At the same time the metabolism is stimulated and the body is detoxified.

  • Prices for Indonesian herbal stamp massage

    • Back (60 min.) € 89.00
    • Whole body (90 min.)€ 119.00

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage

LOMI LOMI – the Hawaiian “Queen of massages” – is not just massage but holistic bodywork. The flow of touch reaches both body and soul.

From head to toe the overall body is slowly and carefully moved and stretched. The massage is characterised by alternating slow and intense motions resulting in a unique experience. In addition, the wonderful oil ensures a pleasant skin sensation.

  • Prices for Hawaiian massage

    • Lomi Lomi (60 min.) € 89.00
    • Lomi Lomi (90 min.)€ 119.00