Restaurant and bar Savour meets atmosphere

At Restaurant Columbus in Flensburg, where the breeze from the nearby harbour is always present, you can expect a culinary journey that combines tradition and modernity in a unique way. Our approach is to present you with cuisine that is fresh, Nordic and for everyone. We attach great importance to the fact that our menu lives and changes regularly in order to constantly open up new worlds of flavour for you. You can look forward to innovative variations on classics such as Labskaus, which are given a new look with every season, exquisite fish specialities that bring the freshness of the sea to your plate, and classic meat dishes that are complemented by contemporary burger creations. Each dish reflects the variety and quality of the regional ingredients and invites you to an unforgettable flavour experience. Rum has always played an important role in Flensburg, which is why our highlight is the 3-course rum menu.

The ambience of the Columbus captures the charm of Flensburg and combines elements of the building's history with modern comfort. In this unique setting, characterised by comfortable leather benches, antique golden mirrors and a careful selection of natural materials, we offer you a place where every visit feels special. Whether for a relaxed evening with friends, business partners or a special occasion, Columbus is a meeting place for anyone who wants to enjoy a cosy and dog-friendly atmosphere.

Let yourself be inspired by the dynamism of our menu, which is put together with care and creativity to provide new culinary discoveries time and time again. With a constant eye on seasonal highlights and an open ear for our guests' wishes, we create a culinary experience that puts variety and freshness centre stage.

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Breakfast – for hotel guests and external guests (during the week) 6.30–10.30 h
Breakfast – for hotel guests only (on weekends) 7.00–11.00 h
daily 17.30–21.30 h

We Cover the Costs Enjoy 3 hours of complimentary parking as our restaurant guest

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For groups With your crew on board?

Are you planning a business dinner, a birthday or a small come-together? Then our restaurant is the right place for you! In our Columbus restaurant you can choose from our à la carte menu for up to a maximum of 10 people. For 11 people or more, you can choose a uniform starter and a uniform dessert from our menu, or you can opt for our three-course variation of the kitchen's choice. This is a nice way to enjoy a little bit of everything without committing. The variations are compiled from the current menu. Of course, we will take into consideration if you don't like something or have intolerances. For your main course, choose from a meat, fish or vegetarian dish. We are also happy to recommend our rum menu. As we want to offer our guests a first-class service, no other solution is possible for our restaurant and we hope for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you on board as our guest and offering you an unforgettable culinary experience in our Columbus restaurant. 

Due to the cosy size of this carriage passage, there is room for a maximum of 24 people.

We look forward to your enquiry!

TOMAHAWK STEAK AT COLUMBUS Exquisite Taste and Perfect Preparation

Our Columbus Restaurant proudly presents a true highlight: The Tomahawk Steak. An exceptional taste experience that leaves a lasting impression. Please make your reservation by 12 PM the day before. This offer is valid for parties of 2 or more. Be enchanted by the artistry of our chefs and enjoy a meal that sets new standards. We look forward to welcoming you.

Price: € 59.00 per person

RESERVE NOW: Call us at 0461 160680 to secure your culinary experience.

Enjoying the sun Relax in the courtyard garden

The sky is blue, the Flensburger Pils glows in the sun, good food and a relaxed atmosphere - welcome to our inner courtyard!

The combination of lawn, sand, hammocks, a water feature and relaxation invites you to linger. We look forward to you.

Columbus Regional, authentic and quality-focused

In Columbus we rely on uncomplicated, genuine cuisine. High-quality ingredients from the region, full flavour, and loving preparation add the special touch to our dishes.

The combination of small delicacies and the ever changing variety of main courses invite you to explore new compositions and variations in taste.

Delicious variations from the region Breakfast buffet in the Hotel Hafen Flensburg

Our breakfast has a strict focus on quality food. We use high-class, regional, seasonal and – if possible – organic products. The buffet is characterised by loving preparation and full flavour. This way you will get all the energy for a great day.

Our breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of items including variations of the must-haves – lovingly prepared and arranged. Every day we have fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. In addition, you can choose fresh fruit, croissants, yoghurt, Bircher muesli, boiled eggs, cold cuts, and cheese, or just try a little of everything. As Germany is famous for the diversity in bakery product, various sorts of rolls and bread are available.

If you wish a vegetarian or vegan breakfast you will get your money's worth. We will always have prepared some delicacies for you.

Our breakfast buffet is also open to external guests (subject to availability). Please reserve a table in good time.

Fair trade organic quality Our coffee

Choose between different coffee specialties such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and café crème. Or stay in the classic style with a cup of coffee. Our coffee is the all-rounder among beans: the highland Arabica bean. With almost 60% of the world market share, it is by far the most popular type of coffee. As a finished drink, the Arabica beans develop a fine, distinctive aroma.

The espresso, on the other hand, is strong and has a persistent and dark crèma. The multi-faceted aromas of the Hochland Lady (this is what baristas like to call the Arabica bean) are emphasized to perfection by the robusta’s "down-to-earth character".

The Sterling Coffee "FaBio" line – guaranteed by the Fairtrade seal a production under fair and environmentally friendly conditions. The organic cultivation guarantees the best product quality and effortless coffee enjoyment. In addition, Sterling Coffee is a regional company from Harrislee.

Perfect flavour thanks to the samovar Tea instead of coffee?

Warm up from the inside and enjoy our wonderful Samova organic tea creations which are carefully composed and manufactured according to highest standards in quality and sustainability. Among other, we have rooibos, Darjeeling, herbal and fruit tea blends.

The samovar is a traditional water heater which has been used for centuries to prepare tea.

The most festive of drinks Champagne and sparkling wine

Whether as an accompaniment to a good meal or just as that something special for good company, sometimes you just need a little tingle. When a fine champagne is served at your table, it makes things all the more festive. That's why our restaurant Columbus offers you an exquisite selection of sparkling wines. From Moët & Chandon to Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart, we are happy to serve you champagne or sparkling wine - at just the right temperature and of course in an elegant champagne cooler.

Climate change is already making itself felt in the Champagne region, where the grapes for champagne are cultivated. Several studies suggest that it will only be possible to harvest the right fruit for sparkling wine there until 2070.

Hafen-Vinothek Strict quality in our wine store

Our wine list reflects our philosophy: it is not always size that counts but quality and individuality. Look forward to this magnificent selection of excellent wines which goes beyond the known brands. Instead we have (wine) partners aboard who absolutely share our philosophy.

Examples are “Weingut Manz” vineyard from Weinolsheim or the first-class “Weinmanufaktur Stefan Breuer” from Rheingau. Each wine has its very own character and each single glass tells its own tales from its history – and we shall be pleased to tell more about that history.

Our bar Wines, cocktails, long drinks and rum

We offer a wide selection of drinks: in addition to the exquisite wine list, extraordinary cocktails and classic long drinks the specialities from Flensburg’s rum houses make our delicious and tasteful highlights.

So you can literally taste a touch of the history of Flensburg – just drop by and get to know the fine tastes of this traditional North German spirit from our bartender.

Would you rather be without alcohol? No problem: Of course you will also find non-alcoholic cocktails and long drinks on our menu.

Hofmann Vineyard Our house wines

In northern Rheinhessen lies the village of Appenheim, famous for its first-class wines. Jürgen Hofmann took over his parents' vineyard here at the end of the 1990s, after studying viniculture in Geisenheim and gaining practical experience in the USA and South Africa.

The soils of the vineyard, located about 5 km from the Rhine, are mainly characterised by shell limestone. This ensures that the wines have an impressive mineral savour, and the way Hofmann succeeds in bottling this distinctive terroir of his home region is unique.

Our house wines include a dry red wine, a light rosé and a wonderful Burgundy.

A freh draught one or a bottle Have a Flens at our bar

Straight, real and upright – this is what Flens is about. People in Flensburg have good reason to be very proud of their beer: Flensburg brewery was established in 1888 and ever since has been an independent private brewery. The beer is known for its famous “plop” all over Germany.

In Columbus you have the choice: draught Flensburger Pilsener and the darker Flensburger Dunkel. But you can also enjoy bottled Flens as Flensburger Gold, Edles Helles, and alcohol-free. Moreover you can have bottled wheat beer: Erdinger Weißbier, Dunkel, and alcohol-free.

Did you know? Flensburg brewery has deliberately maintained the tradition of the swing-top bottle to preserve the unique freshness of the beer.

Indulgence on two floors Captains Lounge

In our small half-timber house we have a bar lounge on two floors furnished in English style. Away from everyday business you can take a rest and have a peaceful drink.

When you are in the right mood you can bury yourself in a book from our library, play chess or backgammon, or just enjoy the view of the Flensburg Fjord.

Captains Lounge can also be used as meeting room. Click here for more information.

Hands on history Carriage passage

One of the highlights in our restaurant is the former carriage passage: in times gone by the horse-drawn carriages stopped right here, and the guests got off to get into the restaurant.

Today's transport differs but the atmosphere is still right to take time and slow down: a bit separated from the rest of the restaurant there are two large tables or single tables under inviting chandeliers.

Particularly suitable for smaller groups who come together to enjoy a meal and the wonderful view through the large windows.

Manufaktur Robbe & Berking
 World class cutlery from the region

In our hotel we attach great importance to regional sourcing and quality - and not only where our dishes are concerned. Our cutlery is also locally sourced, from the Flensburg cutlers Robbe & Berking. It is renowned for its impressive and timeless style, warm colours and finely finished surfaces.

Thanks to its insensitivity to acids, the lustrous cutlery is designed for long-term use and thus corresponds to our sustainability philosophy. The high quality is also reflected in its ergonomic design: knives, forks and spoons sit comfortably in the hand - this is how genuine quality has felt for five generations.

More information is available on the Robbe & Berking website.

Thanks to Columbus A culinary voyage of discovery

Without Christopher Columbus and his expeditions our dishes would probably be simpler or even sparse today. It was him who brought a variety of unknown food from the New World to Europe – for example different sorts of fruit, beans, tomatoes and potatoes.

Not least important: Also the cacao bean – essential ingredient in chocolate – made its way to Europe on his ships.