Activities Action in and around Flensburg

In all weathers you and your family can do exciting, funny and interesting things in Flensburg. How about a handball match of SG Flensburg-Handewitt? During the season there is a massive spectacle every fortnight when SG Flensburg-Handewitt has a home match in Flens-Arena.

If the weather is fine, guided walks or bicycle tours through Flensburg are a good idea. A very special attraction is the sightseeing flight with the seaplane. Start on the fjord and watch Flensburg from above.

Activities with a mystery factor Final Escape Flensburg

On two wheels Bicycle rides through Flensburg

Flensburg is part of a rolling landscape, no doubt. But there is one thing we can promise: on your way back to the hotel – not matter from what direction – you will always have to go downhill. So you do not have to pace yourself too much. Just enjoy the ride through town and through the landscape around Flensburg. 

There are signposted routes which you can easily follow. Flensburg Rad Rundum guides you along cliffs, woods and fields. There are stations informing about specific subjects of nature, ecology, history, and culture. You can explore hills and castles on “Berg- und Burgtour”, fjord and woods on “Wasser- und Waldtour” or landscape and romantic spots on “Land- und Liebetour”. But you can also just follow your nose and find your favourite tour along the harbour and through town.

Bicycle tours and hiking trails in Flensburg.

Hölle Nord The living room of SG Flensburg-Handewitt

Since 1990 SG Flensburg-Handewitt has been playing first division. But that’s not all: in 2014 the SG won the Champions League, in 2015 the team won the German handball cup, and in 2018 they finally ended up as German handball champion. Visiting a match at “Hölle Nord”, the northern part of handball hell, is just a unique experience and almost a must see.

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Backyards, historical districts and castles Guided walks through Flensburg

If you do not want to explore Flensburg on your own, Tourismus Agentur Flensburger Förde offers a number of exciting guided walks. The typical tour named “Höfe, Rum & alte Schiffe” will guide you through the northern parts of Flensburg's old districts. Explore the harbour with all the old ships and other highlights, climb Duborg hill and discover historical merchant yards as well as Marienburg with the old rum house Johannsen.

“Dampfer, Segler und Seemannsgarn”: enjoy sailor's yarn while walking along old gaff-rigged schooners, steamboats and classic yachts. Flensburg's marine history is vividly explained and landlubbers become old salt.

The partially steep hills in Flensburg are no challenge at all when cruising on Segways – the rolling alternative to the walk through town. You can book them here.

On the “Rum & Zucker Tour” you will get to know Flensburg as rum city: from the old districts of town via the harbour to the old Johannisviertel district you will see old warehouses, picturesque yards and historical merchant houses. You can also explore “Rum & Zucker Meile” and learn about the importance of rum and sugar in Flensburg's history on your own. Read more.

Guided walks at a glance.

Traditional sailing ship Albin Köbis Full speed

The traditional sailing ship Albin Köbis is located in Flensburg's museum harbour, opposite Ben's fish hut. Individual sailing trips for single bookers and group trips are offered here, as well as charters and day trips. It is "sailing for everyone" and no previous experience is necessary. The traditional craft of sailing is actively learned and the finer points of navigation are taught. The Danish South Sea and Baltic Sea will be sailed together.

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Flensburg from above Waterplane fascination

The waterplane starts from its base at Sonwik marina in northbound direction. Be amazed by the old quarters of town and by the view of the masts of yachts and traditional sailing ships in Flensburg harbour from the bird's-eye perspective. Then the waterplane follows the Flensburg Fjord towards Holnis peninsula and the outer parts of the fjord.

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Theatres, museums and history Culture in Flensburg

The maritime museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum), museum shipyard, and museum harbour are located not even half a nautical mile away from the hotel.

Exciting insights into regional arts from 13th to 20th century are waiting for you on Museumsberg, high above Flensburg. Animal lovers can learn about the large and small animals of the region as well as their habitat in the museum of natural history called Naturwissenschaftliches Museum. Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landestheater and Sinfonieorchester, the regional theatre ensemble and symphony orchestra offer many performances over the year. Particularly also performances in Low German language are popular.

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On tour with kids in Flensburg Indoor and outdoor fun

Particularly in case of adverse weather conditions Bowlingarena Flensburg is a good place to be: on Saturdays there is even a DJ creating the right atmosphere for children and youth bowling. In Jumphouse, young and old are having fun on various trampolines. On special event days, the kids can tackle one or the other challenge and play games.

Mental fitness is required in our Mystery House: as a group you can solve brain twisters and discover the house’s secret in order to escape from the respective room. Also mysterious but more related to science is the interactive science centre in Norderstraße called Phänomenta. There are plenty of challenges dealing with physics.

After so many adventures it can be a good idea to go for a swim in Fördeland Therme Glücksburg or in Campusbad. If the weather is fine, you can play minigolf in Solitüde: the 18 hole course offers different levels of difficulty and a beautiful view of the sea.

The northernmost beer of our country Flensburger Brauerei

The tradition of brewing beer is upheld in the north. A guided tour through Flensburger Brauerei, our local brewery, is a good opportunity to get to know the beer with the famous plop' and thus a regional speciality.

Since 1888 the northernmost brewery in Germany produces the beer with the legendary swing top. On the guided tour you will be shown the different stations like mashhouse as well as fermentation and storage cellar in an informative but witty way. And in the end, of course a fresh Flens and snacks are served.

Orpheus theatre Finest culture

Since more than 25 years Orpheus theatre on Marienstraße has been an icon of cultural delicacies and high-class entertainment in Flensburg.

A small bar, chandeliers, pillars with brass fittings, mirrors, candle light – and everything in atmospheric red, black, and golden hues. As there is hardly any barrier between stage and the theatre’s house, the audience experience the unique atmosphere close to the artists. All over the year Orpheus theatre offers magic events.

10 % discount: If you already have a ticket for an Orpheus theatre event, which takes place during your planned stay, then you will be granted a10 % discount on the day’s room rate.