Sustainability Together for the environment

Facing the worldwide change in climate also the hotel business needs to cope with increasing challenges. The demand for environment-compatible stays and events is growing as events always involve stress on the environment.

We are committed to acting responsibly when using natural resources and to protecting the environment. Our numerous measures to reduce and prevent pollutive emissions are our voluntary contribution with added value.

For Schleswig-Holstein Sustainability initiative Glückⁿ

We are official partner of the sustainability initiative Glückⁿ. The initiative was brought to life by Tourismus-Cluster SH. It certifies travel & tourism companies in the state of Schleswig-Holstein as vendor of sustainable holiday experiences.

With this membership we take on responsibility and provide a contribution to environment protection. Particularly in a region which is enclosed by two seas, environmental and sustainability issues play a very important role in everyday business.

On this website you will find more information on the sustainability initiative Glückⁿ in German language.

For our oceans Improvements in housekeeping

In the fields of housekeeping our guests may contribute to environment protection: if you wish, we can reduce the changing intervals for linen and towels, e.g. to every second or third day. Also, cleaning of the room can be upon request and disposable slippers are available on request.

You will not find plastic bin liners in the bins. These are cleaned instead. To reduce the water consumption there is a water aerator and in each room as well as water saving buttons to control the amount of water used.

For our planet General improvements

We only use bio-degradable cleansing agents and detergents. Waste is separated in all areas of the hotel. In addition, the waste paper is collected in press containers which are picked up for recycling. Also, in many areas of the hotel LED lamps and motion detectors are used.

The ventilation system operation is by means of frequency transformers reducing the air volume to the respective demands. This saves energy and protects the environment. In addition, we have two Tesla Superchargers and a charging station for other electric cars.

Carbon offset Climate-neutral stay

In co-operation with ClimatePartner, a leading company in the fields of climate protection solutions, you can spend the night in a climate-neutral way. Just select the “CO₂-Ausgleich” option when booking.

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For our air Improvements in catering

We are predominantly supplied with fruit and vegetables from the region, and also all our beverage suppliers are from the region. This supports short transport distances. Organic products are available upon request – individual products are integral part of our cuisine – and we only serve fair trade certified coffee.

We also take care not to use unnecessary disposable packaging.

FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT Green power all over the hotel

Hotel Hafen Flensburg only uses electricity from renewable resources. The electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power plant in Northern Europe. Regarding all indirect CO₂ emissions related to power generation we take great care that these are neutralised by means of certificates from climate protection projects.