Flensburg for four-legged friends Holiday with Hound

We are always pleased to see a dog come on board, so we offer a warm welcome for you and your four-legged friend. Holiday with your dog here is not only possible, but also an experience: After you have checked in you will find a surprise welcome package for your dog waiting in your room.

How comfortable things are for our human and animal guests is also featured on the TripAdvisor platform - here we lead the field in pet-friendly accommodation in Flensburg and the surrounding area.

When booking a room , simply select the option ”Dog“ under ”Extras“.

Dog beaches in Flensburg Four paws in the water

There are two dog beaches in Flensburg not far from our hotel: Dogs can romp around on the beach at Ostseebad on the western side of the fjord, and at Solitüde beach on the eastern side.

Your four-legged friends can romp around on all beaches from 1 November to 31 March, but from 1 April to 31 October they can only run free on designated dog beaches. Apart from dog beaches, off-leash areas and woods where they can run freely, leashes are mandatory in the Flensburg area. In addition, dog liability insurance is required throughout Schleswig-Holstein.

Off-leash spaces Out and about in Flensburg and Glücksburg

Flensburg offers enough space for plenty of exercise. Nearby play areas are located in front of the bridge to Marienhölzung, at Westerallee and at the stadium near Fichtestrasse.

A few kilometres further on you can put away your leash because in the Glücksburger dog forest your dog can delight in about 20 hectares of trees, bushes and paths. The entrance is close to the junction of Uferstrasse and Sandwigstrasse. Between Westerwerker See and Schlossteich there are also other beautiful places to take a walk, for example to the moated castle of Glücksburg.

FIND DOG RUN AREAS in Flensburg here.

Gendarmenpfad and dog woods Three dog woods in Denmark

Directly behind the border at Wassersleben, the famous Gendarmenpfad (gendarmerie path) is ideal for an extensive walk or a short hike: It runs through forests and up and down to the sea along the Danish Baltic coast. In former times the border police controlled the path to stop smugglers - but nowadays you'll just meet hiking enthusiasts, dog lovers and lots of nature. With a little luck you might spot some of the local fauna, perhaps even a kingfisher. To protect the local wildlife, dogs in Denmark must always be kept on a leash outside dog woods.

The dog woods can be reached quickly and are located near Gråsten, which can be reached via the Gendarmenpfad (gendarmerie path). The Overstjernen dog wood lies on the edge of Gråsten, between Slotsbakken and Stjernevej, and is connected to yet another dog wood - Nederstjernen. From here you can extend your walk even further to the next dog woods of Vand and Saltholm.

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