Our neighbourhood Whether on foot, on the water or through the air

Close to the hotel you will find small backyards, nice cafés, historical rum manufactories, various museums and of course the fjord. And all this is just a short walk away from the hotel.

Fjord and museum harbour of Flensburg Extended strolls

From our hotel you can directly walk to Flensburg Fjord and museum harbour with beautiful old ships and sailing yachts at the pier. And at Ben's Fischhütte you can have a delicious fish sandwich.

Along the quay you can walk to the other side of the harbour. Watch the diverse architecture combining old buildings with modern architecture. Particularly along the harbour there are some interesting objects and in Sonwik you can see – just as in our hotel – how historical elements and buildings can be redeveloped and interpreted in a new way.

Flensburg's historical city The rum & sugar mile

Trading goods from the colonies of the Danish West Indies brought prosperity to Flensburg in the 18th and 19th century, which is still visible today. Magnificent villas and other buildings reflect the wealth of that time.

If you explore the town on your own you will surely like the rum & sugar mile: as a start visit Flensburg‘s maritime museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum) where you will learn about interesting facts of Flensburg's eventful history. The rum museum is located in the basement of the building; the entrance is free of charge. An award-winning video installation tells the story of sugar and rum coming to Flensburg.

Here, the rum & sugar mile starts: follow the signs and use the folder as you walk through the inner city – at each station, tales from Flensburg’s history are waiting for you.

Download the folder on the rum & sugar mile here.

Flensburg's winter highlight Christmas market

In the week before the last November weekend you can see the first signs of the Advent season to come: Flensburg Christmas market is prepared, a warm light in the dark time of the year.

In the inner city a long row of festive booths from Nordermarkt to Südermarkt invites to stay. Thanks to hot punch, Scandinavian glogg and flaming fire tongs punch there is no need to be cold. And also craftsmanship and many culinary treats from different countries are offered.

Having reached Südermarkt you will be in the heart of the festive scenery: in the light of the beautiful booths and the wonderful large Christmas pyramid you can enjoy the warm glow of Christmas atmosphere until late in the evening.

Water sports
Flensburg's beaches

Flensburg's inner city Enchanting backyards, neo-Gothic buildings and historical craftsmanship

Flensburg's inner city is a popular destination for young and old. From Nordermarkt to Südermarkt you will find small cafés and restaurants – hidden in silent backyards – as well as old handicraft and historical buildings.

And if you wish to go shopping, the longest shopping street in Schleswig-Holstein offers everything one could ask for. In addition to renowned shops and stores there is a large variety in Flensburg's gastronomy. Also small boutiques and jewellery and accessory shops invite to window-shop and are a treasure chest filled with souvenirs and gifts. Friends of Scandinavian design will of course also make a find.

From sugar to rum Historical rum city Flensburg

Flensburg was founded by Danish settlers around 1200 at the inner part of Flensburg Fjord. After the decline of the Hanse in 16th century Flensburg counted among the important trade centres for the Scandinavian economic area. In 18th century the sugar trade with the Danish West Indies resulted in a boom. In the second half of the 20th century rum trade gained increasing importance in Flensburg.

From the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean the sailors brought the strong raw rum to Germany. Flensburg became the capital of rum trade with many distilleries and brands.

Today, a couple of rum houses uphold the tradition. Examples are the historical rum manufacturers Johannsen and Braasch. Also, Flensburg has two of the very few rum museums in Germany, one in Flensburg’s maritime museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum) and the other at Braasch Rum located at "Rote Straße".

The golden apple harvest in October Apple market and apple cruise

Every year in mid-October, Flensburg’s harbour becomes a gathering place for apple enthusiasts. Be it in a waffle, in the strudel, as hot punch, or as juice: apples in all variations! And of course you can buy apples fresh from the market.

However, beforehand we have a popular event: the apple cruise. Following the old tradition dozens of apple boxes are loaded on a sailing ship for the apple cruise which brings the new harvest to Flensburg. Good thing about it: each year guests may join the cruise – timely application is recommended.