Excursions Beaches, the sea and beautiful spots

When you come to Flensburg it is virtually impossible to miss the sea and not to enjoy it in all its facets. Although the fjord is literally part of Flensburg's city we recommend the beautiful nearby beaches if you wish to jump in and go for a swim. Holnis, Wassersleben, Solitüde, the Wadden Sea at the west coast or the small islands in the fjord called Ochseninseln – these are only some of the options for a walk along the beach or to spend a beautiful day at the water.

For water lovers and sun worshippers Beautiful beaches in and around Flensburg

In and near Flensburg you will find a variety of beaches. Whether wild beach, dog beach, or beach at the spa promenade with full infrastructure and canopied beach chairs – you will find your favourite spot at the sea. And also for water sports aficionados Flensburg offers various destinations. Near the hotel, particularly Wassersleben beach and Solitüde beach are popular, one located in the western part of Flensburg, one in the eastern part. Wassersleben beach has a wide view of the Flensburg fjord and offers various options for hiking or for short walks. Here you can see the sun rising from the sea, and you can stand in two countries at the same time – only a small bridge separates Germany from Denmark.

In Solitüde, sand dunes characterise the landscape. On the small pier you can watch marine fauna and flora like jellyfish and starfish, and dogs have big fun running off leash. Watching the sunset over the Danish side of the fjord from Solitüde beach is just sensational.

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Yachting Heritage Centre Mecca of yachting (2 km)

The Yachting Heritage Centre is not only home to changing exhibitions, two galleries, special events, and the world's largest yachting library: thanks to its close association with the Robbe & Berking Classics shipyard, restored ship models give visitors a real feeling of the sailing experience.

The historical background of old yachts can be experienced up close, especially in the diversified library: from ship designs and constructions, navigation and ship types to regatta sports, sailing fans will find an answer to every question here. Souvenirs are available in the museum shop and visitors can round off their visit with a coffee in the integrated restaurant, in any weather.

Submerge yourself in the world of sailing yachts.

Wild horses and Exmoor ponies Stiftungsland Schäferhaus (8 km)

On Stiftungsland Schäferhaus, an area left in its natural state, gregarious animals like Galloway cattle with curly fur and grey wild Konik horses graze freely all year bringing the diversity of plants, insects and other animals back to life.

You can visit the four-legged population on the meadows throughout the year – and on the walk through the steppe-like landscape you can explore 13 interactive stations which are particularly fun for children and which let you learn more about Stiftungsland. But you can also explore the land on horseback following the eight kilometres circular track through the wilderness.

If the weather should change spontaneously, the nearby Citti Park provides shelter and relaxed shopping and window shopping opportunities for all ages.

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Relaxation and sports Glücksburg (10 km)

Glücksburg is also a good idea for a day trip: a relaxed afternoon in a canopied beach chair at the cultivated beach at the spa promenade, a bicycle tour along the coast or the Westerwerker lake, a visit to the moated castle Schloss Glücksburg or splish and splash and take a rest in the pools and saunas of Fördeland Therme.

And that's not all! You can go golfing with a view of the sea, learn wind surfing or visit the planetarium, and more. Glücksburg offers a wide variety of leisure activities.

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Tales and history in the outdoor museum Landschaftsmuseum Unewatt (16 km)

Landschaftsmuseum Unewatt presents the former local culture and production processes of flour, butter, and other food in a vivid way. Its wind mill Fortuna is visible from far. It once served to grind corn grown in the region. Today is serves to demonstrate the former production processes. Reconstructed farms show the history of livestock from the Angeln region and explain the self-supply characterising the former way of living. 

Only a few minutes away from Landschaftsmuseum Unewatt you can go aboard a small ship at Langballigau and travel to Sønderborg in Denmark. But you will also find a beautiful long sand beach at Langballigau where you can take a rest or go for a swim.

Germany’s North Cape Holnis (18 km)

A hidden treasure close by, only half an hour away from Hotel Hafen Flensburg – Holnis is the perfect spot to explore the beauty of nature. The wild coastlines with apple trees and blackberry bushes are ideal for long walks along the lighthouse and the salt meadows. In this natural reserve directly at the Flensburg fjord also a vast variety of different bird species can be observed.

If you are interested in history, then Seemannsgrab, the sailors‘ grave on the northern side of the peninsular, provides an insight to sailors‘ life in centuries gone by. And the view of the Danish coastline is just a dream.

“A high up in the north” Tophotel | Magazine

Secret gems in the fjord The Ochseninseln (18 km)

The small isles called Ochseninseln (or Okseøerne) are located in the Flensburg Fjord near the Danish coast line. The legend of their creation says that a giant once tried to jump over the fjord. But he did not make it and his muddy boots landed in the water before reaching the coast. And thus the muddy feet created the Ochseninseln. However, we do not know whether there is any truth in the legend.

Nature on the isle invites to explore and discover, or just relax. There are cliffs and wild beaches, small hideaways in the woods and from the edge of the cliffs you have a wonderful view of the complete Flensburg Fjord. And on the mainland you will find Annies Kiosk – probably the most famous hot dog stand in Northern Europe.

The excursion boats coming from Flensburg make a detour around Ochseninseln on their way to Glücksburg.

Vikings in Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig (40 km)

Not only the grand castle Gottorf but also the red Sankt Petri cathedral and the old fishermen’s village make Schleswig stand out. What you would not expect when visiting the town today, is the eventful history of the region more than a thousand years ago when Vikings settled the river banks, traded on the Schlei while having to defend their territories against enemies.

Near Schleswig the Viking village Haithabu gives new life to the everyday life of the ancient dwellers. A museum with objects to touch and to experience – not only for kids.

And it is within easy reach: the travel by train takes about 20 minutes. The bus to the train station stops directly in front of our hotel.

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Along the Danish border Inland dunes and moors (44 km)

Away from the Baltic Sea in Flensburg’s hinterland unspoiled nature and historical landmarks leave a lasting impression. In the middle of Schleswig-Holstein’s mainland the Süderlügum inland dunes characterise the remarkable landscape near Denmark: surrounded by woods and groves the sea is not in sight.

Only stone's throw away from the dunes you will find Fröslev-Jardelund moor. At daytime the sounds of birds and frogs are the companions of hikers. In the evening mist the atmosphere of the solitary paths changes to a silent mood.

Danish city life Sønderborg (44 km)

Only a 40 minutes drive away from Flensburg the Danish university city of Sønderborg charms with colourful houses at the harbour with its yachts and old sailing ships. Cosy shops offer culinary specialities like liquorice, cinnamon curls, and soft ice with candy sprinkles. And those who prefer the hearty cuisine will be served fresh fish from the Baltic Sea.

But there is also cultural variety. There are regular symphony concerts in Alsion, dance performances and pop music events. The heart path – a circular track along the harbour, through parks and along sculptures – is the perfect way to get to know Sønderborg.

TAKE THE BUS to Sønderborg.

Sleeping beauty at the North Sea Husum (48 km)

Herds of sheep on shiny green meadows in the surrounding area of Husum. Be amazed by the ever changing light of the Northsea weather, walks in the mud lands of the wadden sea, or visit the house of author Theodor Storm: Husum illustrates the charming difference between North Sea and Baltic Sea.

When you are done with the coast you can rent a canoe near Husum and paddle the Treene. The calm river is suitable for singles, couples, or the whole family.

Tidal flats, sandbanks, islands and Halligs North Sea North Sea (55 km)

The North Sea with the Wadden Sea and the famous Nordfriesische Inseln is not far away. Go for a walk in boundless open spaces along the green dikes, have sheep as companions, and be overwhelmed by the view of the islands, small Hallig isles, and sandbanks at the horizon.

Only when the tide is low you can take a walk on the mudflats because the will North Sea will be back as the unstoppable tide rises again. Already in 1985 the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer was declared a national park so that the Wadden Sea and its nature can develop without human intervention. In 2009 the Wadden Sea was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, this does not necessarily affect your plans if you wish to go kite surfing: surfers and national park administration have defined special kite surfing spots.

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