REBUILDING DIARY Rebuilding Hotel Hafen Flensburg

October 2023 - Following the unforeseen onslaught of the century flood, the idyllic site by the harbor of Flensburg faces a new challenge. Our Rebuilding Diary accompanies this process of reconstruction and rejuvenation from the get-go, offering you the opportunity to gain insight into the tireless efforts and progress through photos, videos, and updates. With each entry, we share the highs and lows, the surmounted challenges, and the achieved successes on the path to restoring our beloved hotel. Join us on this journey of renewal and fresh beginnings as we bring Hotel Hafen Flensburg back to life, step by step.

19th October 2023 - The preparations October 2023

20th October - The water comes October 2023

21st and 22nd October - The days after October 2023