Construction diary Building Hotel Hafen Flensburg

After years of vacancy and decay this wonderful area at Flensburg's Schiffbrücke has finally been brought to new life. Our construction diary documents this process from the very beginning. The photos, videos and descriptions provide a vivid impression of the construction work.

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From the seagulls perspective

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Laying of the foundation stone November 2015

In addition to the “usual” guests from politics and industry also all neighbours and adjacent owners as well as many of the craftsmen attended the ceremony.

The foundation stone was laid on the ceiling of the planned underground carpark of the newly constructed building. From here, we can already get an impression of the shape and atmosphere of the later ensemble with the large inner courtyard. 

The interior demolition of the old “Kayser's Hof” has been completed to a large extent and the erection of buildings Schiffbrücke 33 and 34 (the house with the old facade) has reached the 2nd floor. At Schiffbrücke 36 reconstruction work has been started (the ground floor was preserved). Only Schiffbrücke 35 and Herrenstall 10 are still waiting for the construction work to start.

December 2015

January 2016

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March 2016

Topping out ceremony April 2016

Just five short months after laying the foundation stone we can now announce the next “highlight” of our construction project – the topping out ceremony.

The structural work of Schiffbrücke 33 and 34 as well as the construction measures on the courtyard have been completed. Here, even the interior fit-out is in progress.

Until the end of the month, the structural work of Schiffbrücke 36 and Herrenstall 10 will be completed. Also, the reconstruction of the old “Kayser’s Hof” is making great strides: soon the ceiling for the first floor will be installed. Finally, the renovation of the buildings Herrenstall 8 and Schiffbrücke 36 has been started. Here, the wellness and lounge areas will be located.

April 2016

Aerial photographs Hotel Hafen Flensburg May 2016

Historical finds May 2016

We have found a time capsule dating back to the 19th century. The documents, photos and coins stored in the capsule whisper of days gone by – a piece of Flensburg's tangible history.

In the Press section you will find a newspaper article regarding the discovery.

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Launching ceremony and open house December 2016

In December our house was finally opened; the first guests checked in, the launching ceremony was held, and on the open house day stakeholders and interested visitors could inspect the interior of the hotel. All in all a very exciting month.