The Hotel Hafen Flensburg crew A Passion for Hospitality

Ahoy there! Together we live the hotel business with passion and enthusiasm, and see our job as making sure all our guests have an unforgettable stay – we look forward to meeting you!

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Get to know our crew Kirsten Herrmann

Our managing director Kirsten Herrmann is not just always on the go here on board, she’s also good on her feet in her spare time, jogging through the surrounding area and making the most of the fresh air. When she’s not jogging she likes to spend time with her family and friends, and is never averse to a good read.

In the photo she is walking down the harbour.

Get to know our crew Nancy Klindtworth

On board right from the very start: As vice director and reception manager, Nancy knows Hotel Hafen Flensburg inside out. After having worked in Kiel, London, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg she went to the far north for love's sake - and directly signed on with us. In her spare time she likes to travel, and she is particularly inspired by catering and gastronomy events and always brings fresh ideas with her.

Always a bright smile: that's Nancy.

Get to know our crew Kirsten and Bodo

As the Director of Culinary Services, Bodo Lööck was there to guide Kirsten Herrmann's first career steps 30 years ago. Now, she has risen to become the Hotel Director of Hotel Hafen Flensburg and has appointed him as the head chef for the hotel's own restaurant, Columbus, to cap off his life's work. The reunited team has given the Columbus restaurant a fresh Nordic breeze.

Bodo and Kirsten in a good mood.

GET TO KNOW OUR CREW Enya Matthiesen

As the backbone of our event department, Enya Matthiesen has evolved from an apprentice to the central point of contact for everything related to events in our establishment. She's also studying hotel management on the side to deepen her expertise. Enya is the person you turn to, whether it's for conferences, corporate events, or private culinary highlights. Her dedication and knowledge are indispensable for the success of our events.

In her free time, Enya loves to dive into the Flensburg gastronomy scene and enjoys the freedom of horseback riding. These outlets allow her to approach her projects with fresh energy and new ideas.

In the photo at our restaurant, you see Enya in her element. Her smile captures the warm and inviting atmosphere she brings to both our events and our team.

Get to know our crew Bodo Lööck

Bodo Lööck, our current head chef, breathes new life into our kitchen with his impressive experience from the Historic Krug in Oeversee, where he worked from 1985 to 2023. His culinary journey began with an apprenticeship at this place of tradition, followed by a remarkable career that is also documented in various Schleswig-Holstein cookbooks, both as an author and contributor.

Now with us, Bodo blends traditional culinary art with innovative ideas. At home, he loves cooking for his wife and relaxing with a good glass of wine. Always in search of inspiration, Bodo continually discovers new culinary trends that he skillfully incorporates into our menu.

Bodo with a smile on his lips in our restaurant.

Get to know our crew Alex von Lanken

Our deputy restaurant manager Alex has been part of the crew from the very beginning and he is an old sailor of Flensburg’s catering oceans. He wears his catering heart on the sleeve anticipating the guests‘ needs – always enthusiastic, captivating and committed to his job.

He enjoys relaxation with his wife and his son in his garden, sometimes in sportive activity. But really only sometimes.

The photograph shows Alex standing at the bar.

Managing director Kirsten Herrmann

“The hotel business has always been my passion. Together with my crew I live this enthusiasm every day to make your stay an experience which meets all your expectations and leaves nothing to be desired.
I look forward to welcoming you at the Flensburg Fjord.”

Step aboard! We are hiring

We look forward to hearing from people who share our passion for hotel business. For our job ads refer to the German web pages.