Around the Sea Holiday on the Flensburg Fjord

A holiday in Flensburg means a holiday on the water - and for many a person in the water. From relaxed harbour cruises to immersion in mystical underwater worlds and perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts: the Flensburg Fjord offers a variety of ways to enjoy the sea. With us you will experience the fjord and the Baltic Sea up close. And if you want, you can even stay overnight on your own ship.

Harbour tours Getting to know Flensburg from the water

In summer, each landlubber can become a sailor: the harbour tours on Flensburg Fjord are offered in two levels of difficulty. The Alexandra as well as the other ferries and steamboats are something for everyone. The ships just cruise on Flensburg Fjord. The sportive challenge might be a piece of cake and a cup of coffee aboard.

The so-called summer guest sailing is a bit more intense: you can join the crew of an old traditional sailing ship, and you have to help hoisting the sails and pulling sheets. Hand-on sailing and a real experience!

More information on ferries, steamboats, and traditional sailing ships.

Regattas on Flensburg Fjord Gaff-rigged schooners, steamboats, and elegant yachts

During summer there are many regattas, celebrations, and festivals on and around Flensburg Fjord. The seasons start with Rumregatta in May. The regatta is organised by the museum harbour in Flensburg and even landlubbers can breathe the atmosphere under deck. Since 2016 visitors have had the opportunity to enjoy the experience aboard some of the gaff-rigged schooners.

Every two years there is Dampf Rundum. For three days, steamboats of all kinds moor at the quay and agricultural machines complete the scenery. The counterpart to the regatta of gaff-rigged ships is Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup with a large fleet of elegant yachts.

Sleeping aboard

Wind surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddling Water sports

Even within the city limits of Flensburg you can go kite surfing at the small Fahrensodde beach. Also Holnis and Glücksburg, located outside of Flensburg, are suitable spots for wind and kite surfing. Stand-up paddling is quite popular on the whole Flensburg Fjord. There are various options to rent a board. But also guided tours on the fjord are possible.

Kite surfers love the Danish island Rømø in the North Sea. On Rømø kite surfers, kite buggies and quads, and all sorts of water sports aficionados come together. Also, you may drive on the beach and park your car which very much eases equipment handling.

More information on surf spots.

Flensburg's beaches

Diving in the Baltic Sea Experience underwater worlds

The Flensburg Fjord offers an astonishing flora and fauna: besides starfish, grasses and jellyfish, divers may even discover porpoises. But the underwater landscape can also be impressive – 
Remains or fully preserved wrecks lie on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Northeast of the Flensburg Fjord, near Glücksburg, curious visitors will find the "Inger Klit", "Murstenvraget" and "Sophie" in the depths of the Fjord – to mention just three of many sunken ships.
An "underwater house" awaits you off the cliff at the natural Quellental beach, not far from the Flensburg Sailing Club, while with 19 meters, the deepest point of the Flensburg Fjord is to be found just off the Holnis peninsula.

Boat hire Go on your own boat trip

Cast off alone or as part of a tour group on the Flensburg Fjord: experience the surrounding area in a new way, by kayak or canoe. Many details are only visible when you’re up close on the water and when the fancy takes you, you can stop a while to explore some
unspoiled coves.

Excursions by motor or sailing boat are particularly comfortable - and some don't even require a boating license. Fishing from a boat is also a wonderful experience.