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Holidays: For many people this is one of the highlights of the year. Getting out, switching off, relaxing, enjoying quality and service, eating well, feeling carefree - but sometimes that's not quite so easy. Especially when holidaymakers are (no longer) able to get around so well, are visually impaired, hard of hearing or dependent on a wheelchair.

The Tourmismuscluster.SH would like to raise awareness of this topic with its "Tourism for All" project - and we are pleased to be on board as a pilot operation!

You can find more information about the »Tourism for All« project at the Tourismuscluster.SH website.

Aspects of Accessibility Accessibility for wheelchair users

Our reputation as one of the trendsetting hotels in the state is evidenced by the fact that accessibility has been an important issue for us from the very beginning. And this despite the fact that historical building fabric and barrier-free accessibility are rarely easy to combine.

We are therefore all the more pleased to have found so many appropriate solutions. Hotel Hafen Flensburg has: 


  •  Disabled parking spaces
  • Ground level entrance (at the rear)
  • wheelchair accessible rooms with sliding door to the bathroom
  • Seats in the showers
  • Brackets at the WC
  • Adequate space

We will be pleased to provide detailed information about accessibility in the individual rooms by telephone: +49 461 160680

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In our hotel on the edge of Flensburg Fjord we are proud of the easy accessibility. While there are just two small steps up to the main entrance, our restaurant, most of the rooms, the Captains Lounge, courtyard, garage, reception, lobby and function rooms are all either on the ground floor or accessible by lift.

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