Number 1 - the second year in a row Our award as a seminar hotel

12.03.2020 |

With a fanatical average mark of 1.15, our hotel was once again able to assert itself in the category of 100-300 customer ratings, taking first place out of 186 hotels rated by the Institute for the Training of Works Councils.

Simply incredible! First officer Carolin Neumann and her entire crew have a firm grip on the rudder and always have their sights on the destination.

We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us and for the professional cooperation with ifb: The whole crew is always pleased to welcome you back on board!




Ein Bild mit der Auszeichnung der ifb als bestes Seminarhotel. Ein Bild mit Carolin Neumann und der Auszeichnung als bestes Seminarhotel der ifb.

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