Rum-Menü Experience some unique history on a plate

28.11.2019 |

There is a long tradition of producing rum in our beautiful town. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the cane sugar imported from the Danish West Indies was landed almost directly in front of our doors on Schiffbrücke.

Inspired by this drink so deeply ingrained in the region, we have created our own special rum menu for the Columbus Restaurant. The choice three-course menu (€ 45.00 per person) includes rum in a variety of forms and combinations:


  • Trout marinated in rum with celery and carrot

Main course

  • Lacquered flank steak with market vegetables, rum jus and rosemary potatoes


  • Poor knight “Fleno” with apple chutney, salted caramel ice cream and “Windstärke 13” Flensburg rum

You can book a table in the columbus online at any time. Just use the OpenTable platform and follow this link.

Die Vorspeise des Rum-Menüs des Restaurant Columbus in Flensburg: In Rum gebeizte Forelle. Das deliziöse Hauptgericht »Lackiertes Flanksteak« im stilvollen Restaurant Columbus des Hotel Hafen Flensburg. Das leckere Gericht »Armer Ritter Fleno« im Restaurant Columbus des Hotel Hafen Flensburg.

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